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Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout

by Ryse
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Flavor: Blackberry Lemonade

Let us introduce you to the king of pre-workouts, Godzilla.

Ryse Godzilla® Pre-workout brings all who supplement to the top of the gym food chain. Kings and queens of the weight room ‒ Ryse Godzilla® delivers pump, energy, and focus through a proprietary blend of potent vasodilators and stimulators. 


Product Description: What is Ryse Godzilla?

Ryse Godzilla is a potent pre-workout designed to enhance your training by promoting a deep muscular pump, surges of energy, and precision focus. With 40g per serving, this Officially Licensed Godzilla® formula was established to produce an ultra-concentrated pre-workout rush to boost any workout and crown you the king of the weight room. Ryse Godzilla isn't just a big scoop of traditional pre-workout, Ryse designed this supplement with 12 key ingredients and 5 clinically studied trademarks and topped it off with delicious flavors and competitive pricing. 

Product Highlights

Ryse Godzilla is not your average pre-workout. A high dosage of key ingredients ensures you enter the gym ready to live up to the name of a Godzilla® trademarked supplement. Become king of the weight room with Ryse Godzilla®

    • L-Citrulline (9000mg)
      • Citrulline Nitrate (2000mg)
      • Beta-Alanine (6400 mg)
      • Betaine Anhydrous (5000mg)
      • Creatine Monohydrate (5000mg)
      • Choline Bitartrate (1600mg)
      • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg) + zumXR (50mg)
      • Vincamine (20mg)
      • Big-time Pump

      Vasodilation (commonly called pump) is a process of widening the blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow and more efficient nutrient delivery throughout the body. By using a high concentration of L-Citrulline Ryse Godzilla® delivers a big-time pump for all your workouts. This means you not only feel stronger, but you’re able to train harder and boost nitric oxide production in the body. 

      Surges of Energy

      No pre-workout is complete without a boost in energy. Ryse Godzilla® comes packed with two types of caffeine to help you enjoy a rapid explosion of energy while having a sustained rush during your entire workout. 

      Precision Focus

      Kings of the gym know that your ability to focus and have precise movements will create muscular contractions that help influence hypertrophy and growth. Ryse Godzilla® has been formulated with Thinkamine™ to aid in sharp focus and deep euphoria. 

      Key Ingredient Breakdown 

      *Dosage based on 2 scoop

      L-Citrulline (9000mg)

      Serving as a primary vasodilator, L-Citrulline aids in the production of nitric oxide while giving the user a massive pump.  

      Citrulline Nitrate (2000mg)

      Citrulline ‒ bonded to a nitrate molecule helps to enhance the effects of nitric oxide production with less reliance on oxygen cost. The addition of Citrulline Nitrate means you have greater exercise efficiency with less fatigue. 

      Beta-Alanine (6400 mg)

      An amino acid, beta-alanine can aid in the reduction of lactic acid accumulation. This means you experience less fatigue during a working set and can rest for shorter periods of time during your training, helping to improve your overall workout intensity. 

      Betaine Anhydrous (5000mg)

      Also an amino acid, Betaine can help to boost muscle protein synthesis which is one of the largest markers for athletic performance among weight lifters. Simply put, betaine anhydrous can help you to pack on muscle faster by promoting mass and strength development. 

      Creatine Monohydrate (5000mg)

      No pre-workout is truly complete without a potent supply of creatine monohydrate. Long touted as a mass-gainer, creatine helps to enhance the supply of phosphocreatine in the muscle ‒ which can in turn create more volume in the muscle cells and help provide greater surges in energy production for high-performance strength training. 

      Choline Bitartrate (1600mg)

      Choline is a vitamin-like supplement that acts similar to the pathway of acetylcholine ‒ which can rapidly deplete towards the end of a workout causing fatigue. Supplementing with choline not only helps to improve muscular coordination but may also aid in greater energy towards the end of stamina-based training sessions. 

      Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg) + zumXR (50mg)

      Caffeine is the clear-cut winner of stimulation in any pre-workout supplement, but Ryse Godzilla® took it one step further by including zumXR ‒ and extended-release caffeine to aid in greater energy reserves into the long hours of your workout. 

      Vincamine (20mg)

      Touted as a cognition enhancer and vasodilator, vincamine is an underutilized supplement that boosts the performance of L-citrulline while helping you feel more connected to your exercises and the specific muscular contractions taking place during each working set. 

      How to take Ryse Godzilla

      Ryse Godzilla® is best taken as a pre-workout supplement 30min prior to your training session. The best way to take Ryse Godzilla® is 30 minutes before your workout mixed with water. This will help to establish the best mode of absorption and ensure that you feel the pump, energy, and focus after your warm-up and during the hardest part of your workout. 

      Stacking Recommendations

      Ryse Godzilla® is a complete pre-workout that will be best stacked with post-workout supplements like Ryse Loaded Protein and Testosterone booster supplements ‒ our favorite being Atomic One Gold

      Stacking Ryse Godzilla® with a post-workout protein will help to ensure you are getting adequate muscle growth and recovery after your pumped-up workouts, while Atomic One Gold serves to increase free testosterone levels pushing your body to anabolic levels.


      FAQ Section

      Will Ryse Godzilla® give me jitters?

      This all depends on your caffeine tolerance. While some people may experience the jitters with high caffeine, Ryse Godzilla® uses a high-quality caffeine anhydrous that can help limit the jitter and crash that comes with other pre-workout supplements.

      How many scoops of Ryse Godzilla® should I take?
      Best to start with 1 scoop and work up from there. Ryse Godzilla® is a concentrated pre-workout with a high dosage of key pump and energy-promoting ingredients. Beginners should start with one level scoop to establish tolerance. 

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