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About Supplement Xpress

Welcome to the Official Supplement Xpress Online Store!


In 2010, Supplement Xpress was founded in El Paso, Texas, with the sole purpose of providing an avenue to help people like you achieve your best health and reach all of your fitness goals. It was created to influence lives for the better, by giving customers a variety of resources to help educate and motivate them in all things health and fitness.

Supplement Xpress is more than a store, it is a community of coaches who believe in products to supplement your desired results. Beyond selling supplements, we're here to serve you and guide you on your way to a healthier and more fit lifestyle. We recommend products we believe in and have personally experienced transform our own lives.

Our promise to you is to provide you with a team of Supplement Coaches who will partner with you along your journey to help you reach your goals while also offering you the best prices on the market for your supplements. We Dare to Compare. You should too.

Thank you for visiting our store.