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What the Heck is a SwoleMate and Why Do You Need One?

What the Heck is a SwoleMate and Why Do You Need One?

All of the most elite bodybuilders and strength athletes had a swolemate. No, we’re not talking about a regular old run-of-the-mill workout buddy, we’re talking about something more special than that.

Think about this: Arnold Schwarzenegger would have never created his masterpiece physique if it wasn't for training partners and competitors. While a training partner may help you with 1-2 extra reps of bench press, a swolemate is something entirely different.

In this blog, let’s uncover the secrets of what a swolemate is and how you could push your training to the next level by finding one for yourself.

What’s a Swolemate?

A swolemate is someone who is competitive, nourishing, intelligent, and hard-working. They’re not the guy sitting on their phone between sets. Instead, a swolemate is the guy planning out his workout program to be periodized while he is warming up.

Let’s put it this way, While a training partner may tell you that you need to eat more protein, your swolemate will invite you out to a new whole foods restaurant and show you the best high-protein foods on the menu ‒ they’ve got you covered and they know how to avoid common gym mistakes.

You see, a swolemate isn't just there to help you workout. A swolemate is the person you chose to help motivate you to become the best version of yourself ‒ inside and outside of the gym.

Now you might be thinking: “How can I find my swolemate?”

Choosing a swolemate is just like choosing a life partner. You want someone that can help you train on days when you’re sore, while also helping you to see the big picture during all your training sessions.

So what’s a swolemate? Well, You are.

When you show up at the gym and motivate the person next to you to train harder, while also helping the new guy to the gym, you’re acting like a swolemate.

Why You Need a Swolemate?

If you’re reading our blog posts, you’re swolemate material.

Our guess is that you’re spending time researching different strategies to stay strong, healthy, and make consistent progress towards your health and fitness goals. Now imagine you had another person like yourself and they could help motivate you even more.

And no, If you think you can make it on your own, consider this:

  • The Köhler effect is a phenomenon that shows when people train together in groups or partnerships ‒ motivation and success can increase
  • Athletes with support systems (training partners, swolemates) tend to train longer and harder than those who train alone
  • Even in the supplement world, products that are one single ingredient can never compare to supplements built with synergistic ingredients

How to Find Your Swolemate

Finding your dream swolemate doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes your true swolemate is your best friend who you’ve already been training with. That said, our suggestion for finding your swolemate is to be open and outgoing with your training intentions.

If you are trying to make huge progress in your training but your current partner goofs around, it could be time to find someone new.

Be honest with your intentions and be open to training with someone you may have never met before. Hey, if all goes wrong, you can always approach the biggest guy in the gym and learn from the master.

Supplements You Need as Swolemates 

Arnold Schwarzenegger had the likes of Frank Zane and Frank Columbo to train and compete with. Don’t get it twisted, this wasn't just a competition. Guys like this trained together, coached each other, and overall ‒ they had a synergistic relationship.

Each athlete compliments the next, just like some of our best supplements.

Yep, that’s right, some of our best fat loss supplements are swolemates as well. When paired together, supplements like L-Carnitine and CLA work better than in isolation.

You see, L-Carnitine works similar to fat oxidation. This is a fancy way of saying that it can signal your body to use fat as energy (typically our body uses glycogen as energy). On the other hand, CLA has the ability to provide a moderate boost in metabolism, enabling you to burn more fat (and overall calories) throughout the day. In combination, L-Carnitine and CLA work like swolemates, one oxidizing fat to be used as fuel, and the other boosting your metabolic rate ‒ helping you crush your fat loss goals.

At, we carry a variety of supplements that have L-Carnitine and CLA, either in combination or isolation, but our favourite products are Atomic Inferno Black and Atomic Inferno Natural. 

Atomic Inferno Black

Inferno Black is a flagship fat burner that helps to accelerate metabolism without the nasty crash that comes with high-caffeine fat burners. With 1000mg of L-Carnitine and 1000mg of CLA, Atomic Inferno Black could be your next best decision after finding your swolemate.

Accelerate Metabolism ‒ Buy Inferno Black

Atomic Inferno Natural

Inferno Natural is a completely stimulant-free option to help you burn fat and maintain an optimized metabolism. 1000mg of L-Carnitine and 1000mg of CLA help to start the fat burning fire, but 994mcg of chromium tops off the formula.

Chromium can help to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism, adding one more element to this supplement swolemate formula.

Experience jitter-free Energy ‒ Buy Inferno Natural

The Swoley Conclusion

We wrote this post in the spirit of valentines day, but there is no joking around about training and nutrition. A dedicated workout partner that you can call your swolemate is sure to help you make progress in the gym and the same can be said for a complete and stimulant-free fat burner.

In the spirit of swolemates and valentines day, shop any two of your favorite supplements and get the second one 50% off with code SWOLEMATEBOGO

Click here to shop.

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