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Fuel X30 is clinically formulated and is the ideal protein for those recovering from bariatric or weight loss surgery, or for those who simply prefer that their protein supplement contains easy to digest protein.

  • Pure premium whey protein isolate 
  • Clinically formulated
  • No fillers or chemical additives
  • Easy to digest
  • Highly bioavailable undenatured protein

Fuel X30 is Fat FREE, Sugar FREE, Gluten FREE, Lactose FREE & Carb FREE! Fuel X30 is packed with the nutrients and essential amino acids you need. 

Most protein supplements use heat or an acid chemical process to extract protein. These processes degrade the protein molecule, resulting in a protein the body can only partially use.Our triple cold filter process simply filters the protein three times to extract pure protein, nothing else. This process uses neither heat nor acid. With the protein molecule intact, all the protein is available to be used by your body. 

Directions for use:

Combine 1 scoop of Fuel X30 with 8-10 ounces of cold water or milk of your choice.

For athletic dosage: 

Take 2 scoops 2-3 times daily with 8-12 ounces of cold water, or milk of your choice.

Bariatric postoperative use: 

Fuel X30 is an ideal protein supplement for patients recovering from weight-loss surgery. Our protein supplement provides gastric bypass patients with an easy and effective, not to mention delicious way to consume the required daily amount of protein following surgery, without the added carbs, sugars, and fillers in most protein supplements. 

We recommend discussing nutritional requirements and recommended serving sizes with your physician prior to incorporating into your post-op diet.

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