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5% Kill It Reloaded 30sv

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We took a serious look at the pre-workout category and knew we could improve. Enter, Kill It Reloaded, our latest pre-workout designed to dominate the stimulant-based category of pre-workouts!
Compared to the original Kill It Pre-Workout, Kill it Reloaded contains 7 more grams of active ingredients, additional creatine, more caffeine and nootropics!
Boost nitric oxide production to sky-high levels with the Optimized Nitric Oxide Blend.

It begins with GlycerPump, the new King of Glycerol supplements.
Next, we add in the Stim Blend, with 3 forms of jitter-free caffeine for maximum focus and drive.
Our triple Creatine Blend provides maximum endurance, improved strength, and increased cell-volume, while Beta-Alanine blocks fatigue so you can push through the pain zone and hit those growth reps.
Finally, the Nootropic Blend offers up the must-have mind-muscle connection so you can Kill It in the gym every time you walk in the door.

- 7 extra grams of active ingredients
- Additional creatine and a higher dose of caffeine energy
- Features a new, nootropic blend
- Watermelon is refreshing and light

Product Dimensions 3.6 x 3.6 x 6.8 inches ; 1.13 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.4 pounds