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Warning: 3 Ways Common Pre-Workout is Spoiling Your Exercise...

Warning: 3 Ways Common Pre-Workout is Spoiling Your Exercise...

Warning: 3 Ways Common Pre-Workout is Spoiling Your Exercise...

If your goal is to age like a tomato in the sun, get old fast with more wrinkles, itchy skin, more flab and less muscle, stop reading now and keep drinking common pre-workout supplements.

On the contrary:

If you feel like your body deserves better than what I call the, “Shriveled prune


This just might change your outlook...

The truth is,

Most pre-workouts are as useless as screen doors on a submarine, and their ingredients won’t elevate your training.

In fact, most carry more harmful side-effects than results...

That being said,

Here are the 3 Major ways common Pre-workout is spoiling your exercise: 

1. Where’s The Caffeine?

When you’re feeling tired, warn out, and need a pick me up…

What do you turn to?


If you’re anything like the average American, you caffeinate daily for it’s positive (fatigue defying) effects...

To name a few:

  • Improved Memory
  • Decreased Fatigue
  • Boosted Energy
  • Help Burning Calories

So you’d assume most pre-workouts would load up on these positive effects right?


Most pre-workouts go light on caffeine… With barely enough to feel a buzz, and nowhere near enough to actually improve your performance!

2. Ants crawling on your skin.... and cockroaches in your hair.

Before you freak out, It’s just a metaphor for the irritating itch too much of this pre-workout ingredient could give you.

But trust me when I say it’s not much better…

Beta Alanine is great for helping your muscle endurance, and recovery,

But you know what they say about too much of a good thing!

Too much can cause a reaction in your nervous system to make your hands and feet tingle, and your head itch.

So make sure you check that ingredient list before snagging a pre-workout...

(2000 Mg is the sweet spot you wanna hang around!)

3. Tummy Turmoil

Imagine for a moment you’re loading up the squat rack, ready to squat your max.

You get into position, lift the barbell on your shoulders, and squat to the floor

When all of a sudden…

*grrrrRRRR* Uh Oh

“Was that my stomach or did someone start their motorcycle outside the gym?”

“Not now,” you think, “Anytime but now.”

This is the exact situation the next pre-workout ingredient could put you in, causing an effect similar to laxatives!!

Consuming too much Sodium Bicarbonate can cause diarrhea, and other stomach issues.

And trust me, Gas is the last thing you need while lifting heavy weights.

Now for the good news (finally).

There’s an alternative...

If you’re looking for a way to gain the boost of energy you need to begin your workout, without the harmful effects of your standard pre-workout,

And a way to shred more fat + pack on muscle, all while enjoying great tasting ingredients. 

Then Atomic Slaughter is the perfect supplement for you.

With healthy ingredients (in the correct proportions!) Atomic Slaughter Pre-workout is specifically designed to give you an intense surge of energy before your workout, without the negative side effects!  Shop Now.

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